Outsmarting sneaky trans-free claims!  I read that the FDA requires trans fats to be clearly labeled on food packaging. But I still see products in the grocery store, like chips, crackers and cookies, which I suspect have trans fats in them even though they say they don’t. What’s the truth?

Good question! Despite FDA regulations, many products that list zero trans fats on the “nutrition facts” panel aren’t really 100 percent trans fat-free. That’s because the FDA allows products with less than 0.5 grams of trans fats per serving to boast they have none. And while less than a half gram may not sound like much, it quickly adds up to more than the recommended daily maximum of 4 grams, especially if a serving size is just a few chips or cookies. So continue to check the ingredients list for partially hydrogenated oils or palm oils (a sure sign the food contains at least some trans fats) and limit your portions.

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