Are those cleansing teas safe?   I was hoping the 12 pounds I gained during the holidays would fall off once I started eating right again, but no such luck.  A friend told me drinking senna tea works like a charm, and women online seem to agree.  But is it safe?

Senna is a powerful laxative that can help women shed up to 15 pounds in one week by flushing stagnant waste out of the colon.  But you are wise to be cautious: Taking senna in tea or pill form for longer than a week can create a potassium deficiency that triggers brain fog and fatigue.  To get the benefits of senna without the side effects, stick to one to three cups daily for four or five days.  Then, for safe long-term slimming, switch from senna to three daily cups of a blend made by mixing equal parts oolong tea and green tea.  This combo is proven to balance blood sugar (key to shedding belly fat) and rev calorie burn more effectively than either tea can individually.

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