Is My Energy Drink Making Me Tired?   Taking care of my newborn has made me so exhausted, I’ve been downing energy drinks a few times a day.  At first I had more pep and lost 12 pounds.  But now I’m gaining weight again and can barley get out of bed.  Why the setback?

Energy drinks could be to blame for your fatigue and weight gain.  These beverages cause sluggishness, in part because their sweeteners suppress orexin, a brain chemical that maintains wakefulness.  Plus, the high-fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners in these drinks hinder the body’s ability to count calories, triggering unconscious overeating.  A healthier energy-boosting drink: The fruit-flavored powder supplement Miracle Reds (available at  It contains energizing ingredients such as mangosteen and nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids that rev fat burn.  Just mix it with water or apple juice, or stir it into yogurt and enjoy.

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