I’ve always heard that taking a multivitamin can curb cravings and boost weight loss, but I’ve never been able to remember a pill every morning. So when a friend mentioned she’s been taking gummy vitamins that taste like candy with great results, I was intrigued. It sounds too good to be true. Do they really work?

You’re smart to ask. Recent research in the Journal of Obesity found that taking a multivitamin helps dieters lose three times more weight than those who forgo a supplement. And gummy vitamins can help you get those results—as long as you shop for one carefully.

The key is to look for a brand that’s low in sugar and calories. Many on the market contain upward of 50 calories and 8 to 10 grams of sugar per serving. That’s enough to trigger a blood-sugar crash that increases cravings, dampens mood and saps energy. Luckily some manufacturers have started sweetening their gummy vitamins with stevia or xylitol to deliver a sweet, candy-like taste without the extra calories.

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