My appetite-curbing snack backfired.  To avoid temptation, I’ve started bringing my own snacks to work—peanut butter on rice crackers. But lately I find that I’ve become constipated and super-tired. Plus I’ve gained five pounds even though I’m not eating extra calories. What gives?

I think the culprit is your snack. Peanuts harbor molds that, when ingested regularly, squelch good gut bacteria. This creates an internal environment that lets yeast thrive. Yeast cells then release inflammatory aflatoxins that hinder the function of every organ, triggering fatigue, digestive woes and weight gain. My advice: Avoid peanut butter and consume more probiotics. These beneficial gut bacteria release a significant amount of yeast-killing hydrogen peroxide as a metabolic by-product. Try having 1 cup to 2 cups of Greek yogurt, kefir or unsweetened yogurt daily. You’ll notice looser fitting clothes in as little as a week. After three weeks, you can resume eating peanut butter. But have at least 1 cup of probiotic food every other day to keep yeast at bay.

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