Are those new veggie steaming bags safe?   I love the new plastic microwave bags that you can use to steam vegetables and fish. My diet has gotten so much healthier since I started using them. But now I’m reading that chemicals in plastic can make you sick. Are the bags doing more harm than good?

Some plastic food containers, including the new microwavable bags for steaming, contain chemicals like bisphenol A. These estrogen mimics disrupt the body’s hormonal balance, hindering thyroid function and leading to depression, sleeplessness, low libido, extreme PMS and perimenopausal symptoms, weight gain and more. Since the chemicals leach into food during the heating process, it’s best to avoid reheating or cooking food in plastic. That said, if you’d like to keep using the steaming bags or other plastic food containers, it’s important to boost the liver’s ability to flush plastic metabolites from the body before they cause harm. To do, eat foods rich in liver-helping chlorophyll such as raw spinach or romaine lettuce (1 to 2 cups daily).

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