Sweet Tooth…I have a serious sweet tooth and over the past 3 years have gained a total of 85 pounds, so a week ago I decided to go on a dessert-free diet. But I’m miserable—I can’t stop craving chocolate and it’s making me crazy! Why don’t I have the willpower?

It may have more to do with biology than with lack of resolve: A study published in the American Journal of Physiology found that when sugary treats are freely available, females consume an average of 36 percent more calories a day than males and exercise less than males do. Plus, when they did exercise, it seemed to become less effective at suppressing appetite, suggesting that women are predisposed to the temptation to overeat and have to work harder at making weight gain avoidance tactics, like exercise, work for them. Try this spiced-up tip for decreasing sugar cravings: sprinkle cinnamon on lentil stew, chicken or lamb chops, and on baked apples and pears. Cinnamon not only boosts metabolism, it’s naturally sweet flavor satisfies taste buds, and it’s proven to even out blood sugar to quell a sweet tooth.

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