My Thighs Are Covered With Cellulite!  After years of feeling self-conscious about carrying an extra 40 pounds, I finally lost it all by tossing out the candy in my cupboards and doing an exercise video twice a week.  But now there’s another problem—I’ve ended up with horrible “cottage cheese” thighs.  And shorts weather is coming up!  Can you suggest a solution?

The trick to eliminating cellulite is to outsmart the cause—a sluggish lymphatic system that has let toxins and excess water accumulate in the cells beneath the skin, creating dimples.  To revive lymph circulation, drink cran-water for two weeks.  (Mix 8oz. unsweetened cranberry juice with 56oz. plain water and sip all day.)  This healthy tonic acts as a diuretic that releases excess cellular fluid.  Plus, the malic, citric and quinic acids in cranberry juice bind to toxin-laden fat to carry it out of the body.  The result: smoother legs that will have you slipping into shorts with confidence!

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