Ever since the clock moved forward, I’ve been even more stressed and tired than usual. What can help?

Switching to daylight savings time can disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm— the biological clock that regulates everything from cortisol levels to blood-sugar balance to sleep cycles. This shift can be particularly problematic for women who were already sleep-deprived and over-stressed, because the hormonal flux that comes with the time change can intensify existing hormonal imbalances that lead to fatigue, weight gain and mood swings.

To quickly reclaim your energy, I suggest supplementing with 500 mg of ashwagandha twice a day.  This Indian herb is what homeopathic health experts call adaptogen—a metabolic regulator that helps optimize the body’s output of key hormones. The payoff: One Japanese study found that supplementing with this herb can cut stress-induced fatigue by up to 80 percent in five days.

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