I’m only 39, but my hair is visibly thinning. As if I wasn’t stressed enough, now I’m worried about people noticing my appearance. My doctor said I could try a prescription but I’d prefer something natural. He mentioned that diet could help but didn’t have many specifics. What do you recommend?

You might be suffering from a zinc shortfall, which can trigger hair loss during times of high stress. The problem is, the body’s fight-or-flight response quickly uses up stores of this mineral, limiting its availability to carry out other enzymatic processes including protein synthesis for hair, skin and nails.

To get back your thick and lustrous locks, I recommend eating at least two to three daily servings of zinc-rich foods (such as grass-fed beef, lamb, turkey, pumpkin seeds and oats) or supplementing with 30 mg of zinc. You should notice an increase in new hair growth within three to four weeks.

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