I’ve heard green coffee bean extract can help me lose weight. Is it safe?

Yes! Researchers at the University of Scranton found that coffee bean extract delivers the perks of a diet pill without the negative side effects. In the study, overweight subjects who supplemented with the compound shed 11 percent of their body weight and 16 percent of their body fat over 22 weeks, despite eating 2,400 calories per day. That means a 165-pound women could lose 17 pounds in five months without diet or exercise.

 Green coffee bean extract owes its benefits to chlorogenic acid. This compound blocks fat absorption while revving the liver’s ability to metabolize fat for energy. Better still: While many diet pills are stimulants, green coffee bean extract contains only a small amount of caffeine so it won’t make you feel jittery. To get the benefits, take two 500-mg capsules 30 minutes before meals twice daily. 

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