Does Sleeping More Make You Skinny?   For years now, I’ve heard that too little sleep causes weight gain.  And I can vouch for that:  Since my promotion six months ago, I’ve been getting five hours of sleep a night, and I’ve gained 22 pounds even though I’m eating less.  But as much as I’d like to, I can’t get more sleep.  Am I destined to be fat?

Though women who sleep five hours or less each night often weigh more than their well-rested peers, it’s possible to outsmart this weight gain.  Although the exact mechanism isn’t yet known, the latest research suggests that sleep deprivation packs on pounds by slowing down metabolism.  That said, you should eat more often.  Unlike eating less, which slows the body down, eating frequently naturally revs metabolism.  So munch on low-cal snacks like celery or carrot sticks every 30 minutes.

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