In a past column, you explained that frozen fruit is as healthy as fresh. Now that it’s summer and there’s so much fresh fruit available, I’m thinking of freezing some to save for later in the year, when it’s hard to find good produce. Is that a wise idea?

Yes! Fruits like grapes, berries, pineapple, mangoes, bananas, kiwifruits and peaches are great for freezing in plastic bags. Grapes and berries simply need to be washed and dried before freezing whole. Fruit with edible skin, like peaches, should be washed, pitted and cut into chunks to freeze since they’ll be hard to cut later on. And for fruit with inedible skin, like pineapple, peel before cutting into chunks and freezing. It takes about a year for freezer burn to set in, so the fruit should last through winter. While grapes can be eaten frozen, most other fruit can’t. So for a tasty treat, blend them into smoothies or use for baking.

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