How Can I Slim Down Without Giving Up Carbs?   With the last of my kids off to college, this is a great time for me to try to lose the 30 pounds that I have been struggling with for years.  I’ve had success on a low-GI diet, but many of my favorite foods have super-high GI ratings, and I’m afraid I won’t stick with it if I have to give them up completely.  Is there a compromise?

It is a good idea to cut back on foods that are high on the glycemic index  since they cause fat-storing spikes in blood sugar.  But there are a few tricks that you can try so you won’t have to stop eating your favorites.  For starters, pair high-GI foods with low-GI fare like eggs, cheese, poultry, fish or lean beef.  The protein in these foods slows the gut’s absorption of sugars, cutting the GI of high-carb foods by 33 percent or more.  For example, when a baked potato is topped with cheese, its GI drops from 93 to 39.  You can also enjoy a small side of veggies drizzled with 4 tsp. apple cider vinegar.  This slows starch absorption by 30 percent.  With a more stabilized blood sugar level, you’ll have a slimmer physique in no time!

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