Could this just be “new mommy syndrome”?  I thought my pregnancy was rough—I’d get headaches after eating anything “carby,” and I gained a ton.  But now, six months postpartum, I’m in even worse shape.  My head pounds after every meal, I’m always tired and somehow I’m 40 pounds heavier than I was at nine months along.  My friends say it’s all part of having a baby, but I’m not so sure.  What’s wrong with me?

Given your headaches after eating carbs, plus the unexplained fatigue and weight gain, it sounds like you’ve developed pregnancy-triggered celiac disease.  This sensitivity to gluten in wheat, rye, barley and possibly oats can begin during pregnancy and remain for a lifetime.  To put an end to your symptoms, it’s imperative to avoid gluten.  Check all food labels to eliminate the aforementioned grains from your diet.  (They lurk in surprising places like beverages, sauces, condiments, gravies and luncheon meats.)  Most grocery stores now sell gluten-free versions of breads, pastas and baked desserts, so it’s easier than ever to find tasty alternatives for your favorites.  Also, I recommend drinking one to three cups of marshmallow tea (like Celebration Herbals Marshmallow Leaf and Root Tea) daily.  It will reverse the gluten-induced internal inflammation that’s exacerbating your symptoms.

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