I was so jealous when my best friend dropped 20 pounds in a month. She said that as soon as she became a vegetarian, the weight practically fell off. So even though I love burgers, I decided I could give up anything for one month, so I cut out meat. But four weeks later I was 10 pounds heavier! I feel like a total failure! What gives?

Give yourself a break: Everyone’s metabolism is different. And for most, consuming at least 60 grams of protein a day can boost calorie burn by 25 percent and stabilize blood sugar levels, which helps keep hunger pangs at bay. So if you were skimping on protein, chances are that you slowed down your metabolism and became more susceptible to carb cravings-a combo that can easily lead to weight gain. As long as you keep your produce intake high, feel free to embrace your love of burgers. (A 3oz. patty has 22 grams of protein.)

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