I love the taste of salt, but my doctor told me I need to cut back. Is there a healthy alternative?

Fortunately, it’s possible to get the salty taste you crave without overdosing on sodium. I like seaweed gomasio (likeEden Organic Seaweed Gomasio), which combines roasted sesame seeds, sea salt and sea vegetables to deliver a savory flavor with 80 mg of sodium per 1 tsp. serving—a very reasonable dose compared with the 2,325 mg in  1 tsp. of salt. Plus, gomasio is a rich source of thyroid-revving iodine and  essential minerals like calcium and iron. I sprinkle it on everything from eggs and veggies to fish. You can further curb your salt intake by using low-sodium soy sauce to season stir-fry dishes, salad dressings and marinades. I guarantee you won’t miss your saltshaker!

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