Can seltzer really cause weight gain?   I don’t like to drink plain water, so I usually bring flavored seltzer to work.  I figured that seltzer is just a bubbly version of regular water, but then I read online that all carbonated drinks are acidic, and that this excess acidity causes weight gain!  Is this true?

There’s probably no reason to swear off seltzer.  It is true that the carbonation process has an acidifying effect on beverages.  And elevated acidity in the body has been linked to disruptions in nutrient levels, which can lead to weight gain.  But seltzer is not nearly as acidic as bubbly beverages like cola, which typically contains additional pH-lowering ingredients such as sugar and preservatives.  That said, if you’re concerned about the possibility of putting on pounds, try flavoring plain seltzer with alkalinizing fruit such as pineapple, lemon, kiwifruit, or pear.  Simply chop the fruit and let a few spoonfuls soak at the bottom of the bottle as you drink.

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