After using every bit of self-control, I finally shed those last 10 pounds-or, I should say, I shed them again—for about the twentieth time. It’s at the point where my friends don’t even compliment me on how good I look because they know I’m just going to gain it right back. What can I do?

Break the yo-yo dieting cycle with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). In more than 500 studies, this fatty acid has emerged as a powerful tool for health and fitness. Recently, a Norwegian study followed 80 overweight people who first dieted for several months, then reverted to their old eating habits. Although they did regain some weight, those taking CLA put it back on in the form of twice as much muscle as their non-CLA counterparts. Since muscle burns more calories than fat, the CLA group’s increase in lean muscle mass translates to faster metabolism. Try taking 1,000 mg. of CLA before meals to get rid of those once and for all.

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