I’m absolutely exhausted all the time. It takes me forever to wake up in the morning and at least three cups of tea to feel alert. But other than that I’m a healthy 31-year-old. My doctor can’t find anything wrong with me. I stick to a vegetarian diet that includes protein from shellfish and soy, and besides birth control pills, I’m not taking any medications. Is my diet missing something?

Actually, your exhaustion may be due to too much copper in your diet. Copper overload can cause fatigue and mood swings, and your favorite foods (shellfish, soy and tea) are among the highest in copper. Oral contraceptives are also a problem: Estrogen causes mineral buildup, which interferes with nutrients that help turn food into fuel. To test your levels, ask your doctor for a hair analysis, or check out Uni Key Health System’s Tissue Mineral Analysis for a home test.

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