Do Fish-Oil Supplements Contain Mercury?   After reading about all the benefits of essential fatty acids, I started giving my family fish oil every day.  However, I just read that supplements can have mercury just like fish itself.  That was news to me.  Is it true?

Yes, it’s true that fish-oil supplements can contain some mercury.  And though the fish used for supplements (like anchovies, mackerel and sardines) are less likely to accumulate mercury since they have little toxin-absorbing fat, even low levels can build up in our bodies.  This can cause negative effects like hyperactivity, memory difficulties and headaches.  Luckily, more supplement manufacturers are making mercury-free fish oils, so they’re easier to find than ever before.  A mercury-free brand I recommend: Carlson Very Finest Fish Oil Softgels ($19 for a two month supply, at and at drugstores).

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