I switched to soy milk a few months ago because of lactose sensitivity. Now my bloat is gone, but I’ve put on 20 pounds! Why?

Your new drink could be causing weight gain for two reasons: First, unfermented soy (found in soy milk) contains phytates, salts that inhibit the absorption of metabolism-supporting minerals. Second, soy’s goitrogens can prevent the thyroid from absorbing iodine, which leads to shortfalls of thyroid hormones. This is especially problematic if you have borderline hypothyroidism-and based on my experience, two out of three women do. For these reasons, I suggest eliminating soy milk. Since alternatives like almond and rice milk can be high in sugar, your best bet for weight loss is a whey protein powder drink.

Also smart: Skip processed foods with soy protein isolate and soy lecithin (like meal-replacement bars). After 10 soy-free days, the weight should start falling off.

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