This spring, I lost 25 pounds, so I was excited about stepping out in a swimsuit. But I’ve been so bloated lately, you can’t tell I’ve lost any weight. Admittedly, I’ve been drinking a lot of bottled tea and lemonade now that it’s hot, but I make sure they’re sugar-free. What gives?

It sounds like those sugar-free drinks could be the problem. Many zero-calorie beverages, like Vitamin Water and Steaz, are now being sweetened with Truvia. This sugar substitute contains stevia, a plant-based sweetener that I recommend. But Truvia’s main ingredient is actually erythritol, a sugar alcohol that triggers digestive issues like bloat and cramping in three out of five women I treat. For a bloat-free sweetener, try a small amount of stevia on its own in your favorite teas and homemade lemonade.

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