Does Flaxseed Cause Cancer?   For about a year now, I’ve been adding whole flaxseed to my morning cereal, yogurt and salads.  I dropped 47 pounds, and my hair and skin look great.  But I recently read an article warning that flaxseed is carcinogenic.  Can you clarify—is flaxseed good or bad?

Flax does have a host of health benefits.  It is true, however, that improper storage of this food can cause its healthy fats to go rancid and develop cancer-causing properties.  But there’s no need to panic—the level of carcinogens is so low that it doesn’t pose a risk to humans.  Still, no one wants to eat rancid flax, so follow these tips: Store flaxseed in a sealed container in the fridge for up to three months.  And since flaxseed oil is very perishable, it should be purchased in dark bottles that have been refrigerated at the store.  Then you should keep it in the freezer for up to eight weeks.  Don’t worry: It thaws fast when taken out of the freezer.

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