I’ve heard that Stevia can aid weight loss but that it might cause cancer. Is that true!

The stevia that’s sold today is perfectly safe. Lingering concerns are based on 1990s findings that revealed it caused tumors in rats. Since then new technology has enabled manufacturers to make this ingredient 99.5 percent pure. This has eliminated any cancer concerns and improved stevia’s taste. And the FDA recently approved the sweetener, allowing many new brands to enter the market. I use SweetLeaf Stevia Plus ($7 for 50 packets, at  (www.unikeyhealth.com), but the brands Truvia and Sun Crystals are getting good reviews from women watching their waistline. Still skeptical? You could use xylitol instead. This is a safe zero-calorie natural sweetener that’s family-friendly-it has no aftertaste and is proven to fight cavities in kids, thanks to its antibacterial properties. One to try: Xlear XyloSweet ($8 for 100 packets).

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