Yikes!  Fresh fruit makes me gassy.   Whenever I dig into the fruit and veggies at summer parties, I end up passing gas.  Last week at my company picnic, I had to sneak behind a tree so no one would hear me!  How do I avoid gassiness without skipping the produce? 

When people suddenly increase their intake of fruit and vegetables, the small intestine can have difficulty breaking down the food’s soluble fiber.  This forces digestion-aiding intestinal bacteria to work overtime, a process that generates gas.  The easiest fix: Supplement with cellulose.  The enzyme breaks down soluble fiber in the digestive tract, reducing the demand on intestinal bacteria and thus eliminating gassiness.  One brand I like: Enzymedica Digest  (at Enzymedica.com and health-food stores), which contains a beneficial dose of 200 CUs of cellulose.  Take up to three capsules 30 minutes before your next picnic and you should notice a difference.

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