How Can I Outsmart Restaurant Temptation?  I just started a job that has me dining out with clients three times a week.  And my pants are getting tighter every day!  I’ve been good about resisting appetizers, but I’m still gaining weight.  Help!

Next time you dine out, don’t skip the appetizer—just make it a garden salad.  Women in one study who consumed a green salad ate far less of the pasta dish that followed.  In addition to containing satiating fiber, the veggies activate the body’s digestive enzymes, speeding the absorption of nutrients form the entrée.  This signals fullness sooner.  Even better: Top you salad with vinegar-based dressing.  Its acetic acid blunts the craving-inducing rise in blood sugar levels that accompanies carb-laden meals.  In one study, people who consumed just 2 Tbs. of vinegar with a meal ate about 200 fewer calories overall.

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