Lately no matter how healthy or how little I eat, my stomach bloats so badly that I need to unbutton my pants. Even antacids aren’t helping anymore. I’d like to be able to relax and enjoy a day at the pool before summer’s over. How can I fix this?

I suspect your belly bloat may be a symptom of too little stomach acid, not too much. The stomach’s production of the digestive juice hydrochloric acid (HCL) naturally slows down after the age of 35. When this happens, the body can’t properly digest or absorb protein or key metabolism-revving minerals from food. Instead, the undigested food creates a buildup of waste and gas in the digestive tract.

The good news: Taking a pre-meal HCL supplement can curb your digestive issues and get your belly back to flat. Simply supplement with one tablet 30 minutes before meals and your bloat should disappear within one to two weeks.

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