Which cooking method best preserves vitamins?  Because there’s a history of cancer in my family, I’ve been trying to eat as much raw produce as I can to get the antioxidants. Problem is, I just don’t really care for most raw foods, veggies taste so much better cooked, and I know I’d eat more that way. Do you have any suggestions for presenting nutrients while cooking veggies?

Griddling (cooking on a flat metal surface with no oil) and microwaving (with no water) were found to maintain the highest levels of antioxidants in veggies, according to findings in the Journal of Food Science. But some fat is needed to maximally absorb antioxidants, so I recommend drizzling 1 Tbs. olive oil on griddled veggies just before serving. And since microwaving seems to deplete veggies of digestive enzymes, make a point to eat lots of raw fruit, which will ensure you get enough enzymes to assist in the breakdown and absorption of food. Also, note that the two methods typically linked to the largest antioxidant losses were boiling and pressure-cooking (both of which cause nutrients to seep into the water).

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