I finally have my yeast overgrowth (and the sugar cravings it causes) under control. But with holiday parties coming up, I’m wondering: Can I have a few drinks without feeding the yeast?

Yes! Enjoying alcoholic beverages in moderation shouldn’t cause a yeast problem as long as you choose your drinks wisely. Avoid beer and wine since they’re not distilled following the fermentation process, which means they can contain yeast that is then introduced into your system. Plus, they have high levels of yeast-promoting sugars. Instead, stick with clear spirits like vodka, which are yeast-free, not to mention lower in sugar and calories. In my clinical tests, clients who opt for vodka have lower yeast levels and less bloat than those who drink wine or other spirits. I like vodka and cranberry juice with a splash of sparkling water.

If you prefer beer or wine, I suggest taking a daily dose of Y-C Cleanse. This homeopathic treatment kills yeast while increasing levels of probiotics that crowd out harmful bacteria.

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