How come everything but my belly shrinks?  For the fourth time this year, I’m trying to lose my last 30 pounds. But I have the same problem with every diet: I lose my “good curves,” like my butt and boobs, while my belly stays big. Am I doomed to have a large gut?

Not at all! The key to targeting and shedding belly fat lies in consuming more lean protein (like white-meat poultry, eggs and fish) and monounsaturated fats (like those from natural oils and nuts.)  Protein triggers the production of the belly fat-burning hormone glucagon, plus increases muscle mass, so you lose only where you want to. And healthy dietary fats nourish the liver so it can do its job of melting body-fat stores, starting with its closest source—the belly. Aim for three to four fist-size servings of lean protein and up to four servings of monounsaturated fats daily. A serving size of healthy fats is equivalent to 6 olives, 1 oz. of almonds or 2 Tbs. of macadamia-nut oil. I recommend this oil instead of the more common olive oil because it is richer in the omega-3 fatty acids that give the liver a fat-burning boost. One to try: MacNut Oil (available at supermarkets).

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