Help! High Blood Sugar Is Making Me Fat!  During my physical, the doctor told me that I had prediabetes and might need to take medication.  She also explained that this condition is the reason it’s been so hard for me to keep my weight down the last few years.  How can I drop about 40 pounds and get my blood sugar under control so I don’t end up having to go on meds?

Here’s great news for you: Chromium, a nutrient proven to stabilize blood sugar levels and speed weight loss, is even more effective when paired with the B-vitamin biotin, according to a study in the journal Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics.  This dynamic duo lowers blood sugar by 35 percent in three months, which is faster than relying on chromium alone.  Chromium and biotin together improve cells’ ability to utilize glucose.  This prevents excess glucose from triggering cravings and belly-fat storage.  The beneficial dose is 600 mcg of chromium and 2 mg of biotin once daily.  The studied brand: Diachrome.

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