I Go Into Withdrawal When I Stop Eating Sugar!   I decided to tackle my biggest weight-loss roadblock: sugar.  I’ve lost three pounds in four days, but I’m so moody and tired that I’m temped to give up.  And that means no hope of dropping another 25 pounds before (gasp!) shorts weather comes around.  I read that the sugar blues go away in three days, but that didn’t happen with me.  How can I get over this hurdle?

If you can hold out for just one or two more days, the fatigue and irritability will go away.  While the sugar-detox process is said to take three or four days, this data was collected from men.  Recent research shows that women’s sugar “addictions” are stronger, so it takes five or six days before our bodies start to rely on protein and fats to maintain steady glucose and energy levels.  In the meantime, try taking 500 mg to 1,000 mg of L-Glutamine daily.  This amino acid converts to glutamic acid, a nonsugar source of glucose, giving you an energy boost without sabotaging your diet.

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