Is A 24-Hour Cleanse A Safe Way To Lose?  The party foods I ate over the holidays have left me heavy and sluggish.  A friend recently told me that when she’s feeling stuffed, she has only lemon juice and water for a day to “negate” the calories.  I’m curious—is a quickie juice detox a safe way to lose weight?

You can safely flush up to 15 pounds of water weight with a one-day juice detox, but I don’t recommend sipping only lemon juice and water.  These elements don’t support balanced blood sugar, which means cravings for bread and sweets will follow.  Instead, I recommend drinking a mixture of cranberry juice, orange juice, lemon juice, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.  The organic acids and anthocyanins in cranberries stimulate liver detoxification, while the ascorbic acid in the citrus juices deactivates free radicals, boosting the liver’s ability to excrete fat and toxins.  To avoid detox side effects (such as fatigue and headaches), it’s crucial to fortify the liver and colon with healthy foods for a week before the cleanse.  To chat with other women on the detox, visit The Fat Flush Community.

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