Is my tiredness just mommy syndrome? After my baby was born, I felt sleep deprived, scattered and anxious. That’s to be expected, I  know. But three years later I haven’t returned to normal. My Doctor says this is what being a mom is all about, but I think there’s more to it. What might be causing this?

It could be postpartum copper overload. Copper production and storage increase during pregnancy to complete the baby’s heart and blood vessels, then wane two to three months after giving birth. But for one out of five mothers, a glitch in the mechanisms that release cellular copper causes levels to remain up to 80 percent higher than normal. This leads to migraines, anxiety and extreme fatigue. The fix: Cut out copper-rich foods like shellfish, all soy products and dark chocolate. Also, consume more zinc, which helps the body release excess copper. Enjoy three to seven daily servings of zinc-rich foods like lean beef, beans and eggs, and every day take a 50 mg zinc supplement . You’ll notice a marked improvement in well-being in three to our weeks.

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