Are Late Dinners Really More Fattening?  I get home from work around 8 P.M., so I don’t eat until 9 P.M. or later.  The other night I was talking to my sister while making dinner, and she said my late-night meals are probably why I can’t seem to lose weight.  Is she right?

Many nutritionists advise not eating after 8 P.M., claiming that calories will “sit” in your stomach.  But actually, the average person burns 400 calories while sleeping.  So I believe it doesn’t matter when you eat.  Still, it does make sense to spread calories evenly throughout the day to avoid the blood sugar crashes that trigger cravings.  Simply eat six mini meals rather than three squares.  Try to eat midmorning, midafternoon and an hour before bedtime.  This ensures you’ll always feel comfortably full, which will help you avoid the common fat trap of eating six mini meals before 9 P.M., then having dinner, too.

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