Now that I’m in my mid-thirties, I’m noticing that milk doesn’t agree with me anymore. Even the cream in my coffee causes bloat. I’ve heard that some people develop lactose intolerance as they age, and I think that’s what’s happened to me. I’ve stopped drinking milk, but I hate soy milk. Is there another alternative?

Why not give goat’s milk a try? While it may sound offbeat, it tastes similar to cow’s milk (and nothing like goat cheese!). It is easier to digest because it’s very low in lactose, the milk sugar responsible for bloat and cramps. And it’s nutritious: Compared with cow’s milk, it has 13 percent more bone-strengthening calcium, 47 percent more immune-boosting vitamin A and a whopping 134 percent more potassium, which helps maintain healthy blood pressure. It can be used in cereal, tea, coffee—even in baking or any other way you enjoy milk. A brand I recommend: Meyenberg Goat Milk. It’s delicious, all-natural and easy to find at health-food stores and supermarkets.

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