Help! My sugar cravings are out of control. Three months ago I kicked my diet-cola habit by switching to flavored seltzer. I thought the swap might curb my sugar cravings, but they’re gotten worse. What gives?

It sounds like you swapped one artificial sweetener habit for another. Many “healthy” diet drinks like flavored seltzer contain sucralose, which comes with serious downsides. A Duke University study found that this sugar substitute cuts the population of beneficial bacteria in the intestines by 50 percent. This allows yeast to grow out of control, which can lead to fatigue, sugar cravings, bloat and weight gain. A better bet: plain water flavored with a splash of fruit juice. And to get your sweet fix, I recommend stevia, a natural calorie-free sweetener. Or try Flora-Key ($34 for 30 servings,, a sweetener that provides 10 billion good bacteria per serving to repopulate your intestines with yeast-fighting flora. One scoop a day will keep your cravings under control.

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