Could My Low-Carb Diet Be Making Me Gain?  I’ve been following a low-carb diet for six months now, so my meals have been protein-heavy.  In the beginning I was dropping pounds without struggle, but recently the scale has been creeping back up.  A friend says the protein is to blame.  Could this be true?

Yes, excess protein could be the cause.  The average woman consumes two to three time more protein than her body can process.  Over time, protein deposits build up in the organs, making the body’s pH overly acidic.  And that leads to weight gain since over-acidity hinders the fat-burning organs.  Two strategies can help: First, fill your protein needs with eggs and whey-powder drinks.  They’re rich in amino acids that help the body process the protein deposits that are throwing off your pH.  Second, rebalance pH with alkaline, so try to eat two pieces of fruit and five 1-cup veggie servings daily.

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