Detox safety concerns… I see most of my family only once a year at our annual summer reunion. So I really want to slim down by then because I don’t want to be remembered as the roly-poly relative. I’ve heard so much about your Fat Flush detox plan for fast weight loss, but I have high blood pressure. Is it safe for me?

You may want to check with your M.D., but in my experience as a nutritionist, you’ll get double the benefit with the Fat Flush: You’ll lose weight safely, and it will work wonders for your blood pressure. That’s because excess weight and high blood pressure are interconnected. A sluggish liver can’t break down aldosterone, a hormone that signals the body to retain sodium. And an increase in sodium in the blood not only heightens blood pressure, it causes water retention that brings on body-wide bloat. In fact, I’ll bet that much of your excess weight is retained water, 10 pounds of which can disappear after just one week on the plan. To try the Fat Flush Plan, order the starter Fat Flush Kit 

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