Is cranberry the only toxin-flushing juice?  I recently tried the Fat Flush Plan in an effort to start losing the 28 pounds I gained during my pregnancy.  But by day four, I had major stomach pain from drinking so much fat-flushing cranberry juice.  Is there a less acidic fat flusher that a heartburn sufferer like me can try?

Yes, there is!  A tip I use myself: Add 1 tsp. stevia powder to each quart of cran-water (8 oz. cranberry juice with 56 oz. water).  The plant fiber in the stevia cuts down on the acidity of the beverage, plus it boosts the population of digestion-enhancing bacteria in the gut.  That makes the drink more bearable to a sensitive stomach.  Another fat-flushing alternative: Mix 4 Tbs. apple cider vinegar with 64 oz.

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