I enjoy three cups of tea day, which I thought was a healthy habit because of tea’s antioxidants.  But now I’m hearing reports that tea can be dangerous for women of childbearing age.  That sounds so scary!  Should I stop drinking it?

There’s no need to give up tea.  Some of the reports that it can be bad for women are overblown.  They’re based on the fact that tea contains compounds called phytates, which bind to iron and reduce absorption of the mineral by 70 percent.  And low iron can lead to fatigue and weakened immunity.  But there’s no need to worry as long as you set a limit of four 8 oz. cups daily.  And to make doubly sure you’re getting ample iron, consume a vitamin C-rich food such as strawberries with your tea.  Vitamin C blocks tea’s iron-binding compounds, so more of the mineral is absorbed.


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