My doctor warned me at my last appointment that my triglyceride levels are too high and I need to cut back on sugar and processed carbs. I’m doing my best to stick to veggies and protein, but I have a huge sweet tooth. Is there a way to satisfy my cravings without doing more damage to my heart?

Yes! You can keep your sweet tooth happy and lower your triglyceride levels by flavoring your coffee, tea, yogurt and other favorite dishes with honey—it contains phytonutrients and anti-inflammatory compounds that scientists believe work to neutralize harmful fats in the blood. The evidence: A recent study in the journal Nutrition Research found that consuming a daily dose of this natural sweetener lowered subjects’ triglyceride levels by 30 percent after 33 days. Plus, honey has been shown to balance blood sugar, curb “bad” LDL cholesterol and cut the risk of weight gain.

Another smart strategy: Another to eat two servings of fiber-rich fare (like beans, oats, barley, apples, pears and prunes) daily. The soluble fiber in these foods binds to triglycerides and ferries them out of the body.


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