Should I Stop Drinking Pasteurized Milk?  An article in First about raw food inspired me to further investigate their benefits.  That’s how I learned that pasteurization kills nutrients in dairy and the enzymes that help the body absorb calcium.  Should I switch to raw dairy?

It’s true that pasteurization eradicates nutrients (like vitamins B-6 and B-12), as well as the enzyme phosphatase, which is essential for calcium absorption.  That’s why people consume raw dairy to get the most nutrient-rich food.  But I think pasteurization of dairy and fermented drinks like apple cider is vital because it destroys life-threatening bacteria.  That said, I wouldn’t rely on pasteurized dairy foods as a major source of nutrients.  Instead, I suggest eating five to nine servings daily of fresh fruits and veggies, like berries and dark leafy greens.  These are full of calcium and the enzymes that allow your body to absorb calcium.

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