My friend is taking an herbal supplement to reduce cellulite and says it works wonders. The ingredients seem fairly harmless, and I’ve got a beach vacation coming up next week. Should I try it?

I generally don’t recommend anti-cellulite herbal formulas. The reason: Many include powerful diuretics that cause the body to release water weight. While this does reduce the appearance of cellulite temporarily, it also flushes key metabolism-supporting minerals, and that can actually lead to weight gain.

What I suggest instead: Sip two to three daily cups of red clover tea. The tea’s natural plant acids break down the trapped waste that causes fat cells to swell and dimple beneath skin. Also smart: Limit your intake of dairy products. Dairy contains large casein molecules that slow the flow of lymph, the fluid that transports cellulite-triggering toxins for removal from the body. With these steps, you should see a visible reduction in cellulite in five days. And unlike the temporary improvements you get from diuretics, these results will last.

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