Can you really slim just from soup?  I’ve heard that if you have soup before a meal, you end up eating less.  I’d love to try this, but I work long hours and don’t have time to just whip up a pot of soup from scratch.  Do those microwavable soup cups work, too?

 The soup rumor is true: Women in one study who started their meals with soup consumed 20 percent fewer calories overall—enough to lose five pounds every week.  But it’s key to opt for a variety with 150 calories or fewer per serving.  This usually means sticking to soups with a chicken or veggie broth and avoiding high-cal ingredients like noodles.  Also, many ready-to-eat soups are too processed to deliver any slimming perks.  One brand I do like is Kitchen Basics vegetable or chicken stock.  This flavorful soup is free of additives that can sabotage weight loss.  And since it contains just 20 calories per cup, even a big bowl with a cup of chopped veggies is in the healthy range.

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