I just turned 52, and I’m seeing signs of thick, dark veins on my legs. I really don’t’ want to have to wear long pants every summer. Is there a supplement that can help?

 There is. In treating nearly 55 percent of my female patients who struggle with varicose veins, I’ve discovered a surprisingly simple fix: vitamin K2. When levels of this nutrient are deficient (as they are in up to 50 percent of the women I see with prominent varicose veins), calcium can exit the bones and coat veins. This leads to hardening and clogs that make it difficult for blood to flow back up the legs. Instead, blood pools downward, causing veins to stretch and bulge. But restoring K2 levels helps reverse this calcification to rejuvenate blood flow. This works to heal vein damage and protect against future problems.

To get the benefits, I recommend supplementing with 100 mcg of the supplement. Most women see a noticeable reduction in the appearance of varicose veins within six to eight weeks. As a bonus, increased intake of vitamin K2 cuts the risk of heart disease by 42 percent.

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