SOS for an itchy scalp!   For a few months now I’ve had an embarrassing dandruff problem. The itchiness, oiliness and flakes are driving me nuts. I tried dandruff shampoos, but when those didn’t work I started looking online for other remedies. I read that one of the major triggers is a poor diet. Is this true? And is there something I can eat more of to get healthy hair again?

It’s true that a diet lacking in key nutrients—specifically zinc and B-complex vitamins—is a major dandruff trigger. Although scientists haven’t figured out the exact mechanisms, these nutrients seem to stop the rapid turnover of scalp cells that causes flaking and itching. They also help regulate the scalp’s oil glands. To get the benefits, consume at least 15 mg of zinc (the study-backed amount) by taking a daily multi-vitamin or by eating foods like beef, shellfish and mushrooms. And get the beneficial daily dose of 200 mg of B-vitamins with a combination of your multi and food sources like dark leafy greens, avocados and bananas.

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