How Can I Tell If My Bread Really Is Whole Grain?  Recently I decided to make the switch to whole-grain bread.  But now buying a loaf has become so confusing—I see labels like “multigrain” and “stone-ground” and can’t figure out what’s what.  Any advice?

It is getting confusing.  The truth is, many labels found on bread only sound healthy.  For example, “multigrain” just means the bread contains more than one grain, and “stone-ground” simply has to do with how the grain is ground.  Even FDA-approved labels of “wholegrain” require only that a product contain at least 51 percent whole grains.  To tell if bread is truly whole grain, scan the ingredients list to make sure that a whole grain (such as whole-grain flour or whole-grain rye) is listed first.  Then check the nutrition label to confirm that there are at least 3 grams of fiber per slice since this is usually only possible with 100 percent whole grains.

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