I recently read about the antibiotics in meat and how they’re linked to “super bugs” in humans that don’t respond to antibiotic medications. But when I tried to buy antibiotic-free meat, there were so many labels on the packages like “no antibiotics,” “natural” and “organic” that I wasn’t sure which to get. What do you suggest?

As you said, consuming meat that has been raised with antibiotics can cause the human body to develop resistance to these medications. So I agree that going antibiotic-free is a wise choice. Opt for meat labeled “raised with no antibiotics,” “no antibiotics administered” or “organic.” All of these mean that the animals were raised without the drugs. (The label “natural,” however, doesn’t necessarily mean the animal was never administered antibiotics.) Some grocery-store brands to try: Niman Ranch, Laura’s Lean Beef and-my personal favorite-Ranch Foods Direct (at 866-866-MEAT).

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